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What to Expect

(1) Complete an application and gather supporting documents.

(2) Take application and documents to a brief interview with ADFAC of Oak Ridge (your documents will be taken for processing at the time of the interview).

(3) If it is determined that you may be eligible, your home will require a City of Oak Ridge code inspection (If there are corrections that need to be made to your home, you will be notified prior to proceeding).

(4) Once your application, supporting documents, and code inspection information has been gathered, that information will be graded against a standardized list of requirements that have been provided in the TVA Grant Contract that funds the project.

(5) You will be notified of your home being qualified to participate (you can also visit this link to check your status).

(6) Before work begins on your home, a Pre-Installation Energy Audit will be scheduled (this audit will determine the current energy efficiency rating of your home and will help determine which upgrades will be installed in your home).

(7) A contractor will begin installation.

(8) A Post-Installation Energy Audit and Inspection will occur to determine the new energy efficiency rating of your home.

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